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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie
Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

A good healthy breakfast is essential to start your day. You need to eat good food packed with good nutrition, with the healthiest fruits available.  Healthy eating allows you to develop a healthy lifestyle.  Breakfast is probably the most important meal for the day. It starts your day to maximise your nutrition and energy levels for a healthy lifestyle.

A good start is a delicious bowl of fresh fruit salad containing blueberries, strawberries, orange, apple and mango, mixed with a tablespoon of quinoa and topped with a few pumpkin seeds and almonds.   Finish with Greek Yogurt and perhaps almond or other milk. Finally a teaspoon of honey makes for a very nutritious, healthy breakfast.


If your day mostly starts with a rush, smoothies are a great way to get the nutrition your body needs for good health.

Smoothies can be packed full of healthy food and can be made fairly quickly and it’s always a great idea to have frozen fruit in the freezer ready. Frozen berries mixed with milk of your choice or your favourite juice, along with a few blue berries or perhaps strawberries or blackberries in season, topped off with a few whole pieces of fruit and a sprig of mint, make for a delicious way to start the day,

Other smoothie mixes may be mango and passion fruit in milk or orange juice, topped with slices of mango and mint.

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